Time For A Challenge

It’s that time of year where there’s a lot of that “new year, new me” stuff floating about at the moment.  I haven’t been joining in though.  I did think about starting some challenges for myself on January 1st but I didn’t.  I was living life and eating food and repeatedly tidying things up which my children promptly wreck two minutes later!  When I sat down with my journals and notebooks, ready to plan things a couple of days later, I was annoyed at myself… “I’ve missed the start of the month; that’s it, I’ve failed; I can’t start anything now”.  Thank another couple of days later (I’m not fast!), I thought to myself “hang on a second… isn’t everyday a new start? Why does it have to be on a set day?”

So here I am, January 12th, attempting to start a new challenge that incorporates blogging and really thinking about my relationship with food and eating.

Last year I made the switch from Weight Watchers to Slimming World.  This is not due to anything other than needing a change.  I did WW for a lot of years and I lost weight AND I kept it off.  I met some great people, and the leader of the group I went to was an amazing lady, so supportive and lovely.  But then there was a change in the plan and I struggled more with the points system – mainly because I have dyscalculia and I was struggling more and more with the numbers; seriously I struggle with basic mathematics, how I did WW for so long I’ll never know!  Anyway, I’ve been at SW for about 9 months now and I like it, and now after a traumatic 2016, I feel I can concentrate on it 100%.  But, of course, the biggest issue I have with food is the psychological side; the old habits that are so ingrained that sometimes I don’t realise straight away what I’m doing. It could be mindless eating, eating as a reaction to stress or upset, being unable to leave food on my plate; old stuff that no longer serves any kind of purpose. (Did it ever?)

So I’ve been hunting around online for some blogging/food/health challenges to try and I found a couple of 30 day emotional eating challenges.  I was initially going to do this one but then there was a few questions in there that I didn’t really feel great about putting on here. Then I came across this one which, though similar, looks like one that I will enjoy, and most importantly, get more out of.

So my next blog post, which I hope to post later tonight, will be my “Day 1”.  I must hastily point out though, that it’s not necessarily going to be a daily challenge.  Not for me and my blogging habits/hectic life anyway!


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